How is a LPG Conversion Done?
The process of converting your vehicle to operate on LPG as a fuel is done through what is known as an electronic sequential injection system. This sort of system allows a vehicle engine to be powered by gasoline and LPG at the same time without having to have a complete replacement of the whole engine. The LPG fuel is a mixture of butane and propane gas which is able to burn more efficiently than the gasoline therefore increasing the power of the engine. But the great thing about LPG vehicles is that because of its ability to burn fuel efficiently, the vehicle emits less carbon dioxide to the atmosphere than it would with gasoline. This makes it environmentally friendly because of reduced carbon emissions.  สล็อตเว็บตรง

Because LPG is less fuel efficient than gasoline, the conversion of a vehicle in favor of LPG would mean, unless it is a modified vehicle, that the vehicle will use about 35 to 40 percent less fuel. It is estimated that LPG will only become more common in the future; meanwhile an ordinary vehicle runs using about 35 percent less fuel, and this means a significant savings on fuel costs as the LPG conversion will automatically free up some otherwise spent fuel in the vehicle.

Because LPG is less damaging to the environment than gasoline and car manufacturers are beginning to install LPG systems as optional equipment in new vehicles, many people consider LPG a sure thing. So if you are interested in LPG and are considering modifying your car to run on it, you need to know the technicalities of the conversion – and a conversion is not an option for most drivers. If you are interested in LPG and are thinking to convert your vehicle to operate on LPG, you need to know that a conversion is not an option for most drivers. But if you are still considering converting your vehicle to run on LPG you should know that the current engine in place in vehicles is designed to run using gasoline and LPG is less harmful to the environment. Still if you are considering such a thing, you should know that in a few years time, the rock-bottom price of gas may cost double of what we are paying now, and if you bought a gas-powered car, for which the technology is not yet mature, you will be paying double the price in addition to the money you will be spending on LPG fuel.

If you decide to convert your vehicle to run on LPG, you should know that a qualified mechanic should be able to do this job at a reasonable cost; alternatively you can take the conversion yourself and save the embarrassment and hardship which followed when you tried to sell your car. If you have the resources and determination then you should give it a serious thought.

The problem at the moment is that LPG fuel is not really available everywhere; you will need to travel to the gas refilling station to fuel up. Also you may have a difficult time selling your old car and depending on where you live, you may not find a gas station willing to fuel your car. Though ideally a complete conversion to LPG fuel should be possible it may prove to be more economical to retain the existing engine. LPG fuel is more readily available and thus the cost savings for the driver are expected to be quite substantial.